Acme Engineering and Manufacturing
Acme Engineering and Manufacturing Corporation is known worldwide as a leader in the manufacture of fans, blowers, and ventilation equipment. Acme’s growth over the past half century is a tribute to superior quality, customer loyalty, and dedicated employees and sales representatives.
American ALDES Ventilation Corporation
Engineering tomorrow’s solutions is more than an idea – it is a guiding principle. Every American Aldes product is equal parts innovation and experience. From automatic airflow controls to advanced heat and energy recovery ventilators, American Aldes products can be found in high-performing homes and buildings across the United States.
American Warming & Ventilation
Our architectural division offers louvers, penhouses, brise solei fixed sunshades and grilles/vision barriers that improve the performance of building envelopes for the architectural market. Our commercial division offers dampers and louvers for the HVAC mechanical and sheet metal market. Our industrial division offers light-to-heavy duty dampers and louvers for the gas and nuclear power, marine, tunnel ventilation, and general industrial markets.
Annexair is a privately held North American company established in 1998. We are focused exclusively on designing and manufacturing high-quality, energy-efficient air handling systems. The majority of our product lines incorporate a variety of advanced energy recovery technologies which are designed for commercial, institutional and industrial applications.
Applied Environmental Air (AE-Air)
Welcome to Applied Environmental Air (AE-Air), a leader, innovator and trusted manufacturer of air-handlers and fan coils. AE-Air provides flexible application solutions for your commercial, industrial and institutional heating, ventilating and air conditioning needs.
Arrow United Industries
Since 1959, Arrow United Industries has helped architects and engineers with their construction projects by providing our high-quality, custom-built louvers and dampers. We carry HVAC solutions rated and certified by the Air Movement and Control Association, AMCA, including louvers for wind driven rain. We also carry Hurricane louvers rated to the Miami-Dade test standards. Rely on Arrow United Industries to provide the right HVAC solutions for your next construction project.
Berner International Corp.
At Berner, our mission is to help customers save energy and create healthy, comfortable environments by manufacturing the highest quality air curtains/air doors. Berner air curtains effectively prevent heating or air conditioning from escaping through open doors, providing sizeable energy savings and personal comfort, along with insect control, when applied in commercial, industrial and food service settings.
Bry-Air’s dehumidification systems are engineered and manufactured to consistently provide reliable, complete solutions for moisture removal requirements. The Company has a wide-range of standard products; Bry-Air is distinguished by its unique ability to custom design and manufacture a system to optimally solve a specific customer need.
Carel USA
CAREL USA was founded in January 1990 as DGH Systems. DGH Systems distributed Carel Humidification systems and Air Conditioning Controls in the United States from their manufacturing plant located in Lancaster, PA. In 2000, DGH Systems became part of CAREL INDUSTRIES S.r.l. and was renamed Carel USA, LLC. The company continues to produce Humidification systems and distribute Air Conditioning Controls and has become a leading player in the North American HVAC market.
Cesco Products
Cesco Products is a manufacturer of air ventilation and control products for the heating, air conditioning and ventilating industry. Our main product lines are horizontal and vertical louvers, dampers, rooftop gravity ventilators and access doors. With over 40 years of experience, Cesco Products has some of the most dependable and innovative products available.
Data Aire
...the pioneer and builder of the most complete line of precision cooling equipment.
Donco Products
Air Distribution
Kitchen Ventilation Equipment
Filtration Group
Air, liquid and gas filtration
KEES, INC. is a manufacturer of a wide variety of accessories and specialty items for the commercial sheet metal HVAC, architectural specialties and food service industries.
Since 1948, Krueger has been a market-leading manufacturer of air distribution solutions, delivering quality, innovative products and providing first-class customer service to the HVAC industry. From retrofit offices to state-of-the-art hospitals, from populated schools to expansive stadiums, you can rely on Krueger to deliver exceptional air distribution solutions and world-class customer service every time. With strategically located manufacturing facilities throughout North America, demanding construction schedules are met by utilizing over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing capacity.
For over 65 years TPI Corporation has been known as America's Comfort Conditioning Company. Today - as a U.S. based privately held manufacturer - TPI Corporation continues to produce innovative, industry leading products for the electric heating, fan and ventilation, industrial lighting, commercial controls, and industrial oven markets.
Safety and health monitors
Nailor Industries, Inc.
Precise air control and effective air distribution...essential requirements for a well designed HVAC system. Nailor provides an integrated solution. We are the only company in North America that manufactures a unique and comprehensive line of products that fulfill the criteria. The product offering includes fancoil units, VAV terminal units, electric duct heaters, grilles and registers, diffusers, plenum slot diffusers, troffers, fire dampers, smoke dampers, combination fire/smoke dampers, control dampers, backdraft dampers, access doors and auxiliary products. Nailor is a single source and solution.
Nedermans products and solutions contribute to improved production economics, reduce the strain on the environment from various industrial processes and protect people from harmful dust and particles, fibers, gas, welding fume and smoke, vehicle exhaust and oil mist.
For over 20 years RenewAire has been a pioneer in the use of plate exchangers that simutaneously transfer heat and humidity between ventilation air streams in extreme climates. RenewAire exceeds customer expectations for effective, reliable ventilation solutions.
SkyBlade Fan Company
SkyBlade Fans High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans are specially designed fans with leading edge Short Take Off & Landing (STOL) technology. STOL series 12-24’ fans deliver top efficiency to heating and cooling systems by reducing their run time, cycles and improving overall comfort. STOL technology created our airfoil design allowing us to accomplish moving more air with less energy consumption. With energy efficiency and air movement in mind SkyBlade Fans reduce the need for heating in the cold months through Destratification of the area and increasing air velocity in warm months to create an evaporative effect on the skin and assist, or sometimes replace, air conditioning systems. SkyBlade Fans are utilized in high ceiling facilities, open office spaces, warehouses, places of worship, gymnasiums, auto dealerships and more.
Spinnaker Industries
Rotary energy recovery. Spinnaker Industries Inc. head office and manufacturing facility is located in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. The company also has a second manufacturing facility in Louisville, Kentucky, with a combined floor space totaling 85,000 square feet. For more than 29 years Spinnaker Industries Inc. has worked with the HVAC industry to develop quality products that meet our customer's needs. Spinnaker has a solution with products that fit all your requirements.Rotary energy recovery
Sterling Heat Company
Sterling has been an innovator in the HVAC industry since 1946 and major producer of Gas Fired and Hydronic Unit Heaters for over 40 years. High and Low Intensity Infrared, Rooftop Duct Furnaces, Evaporative Cooling Units, Packaged HVAC Rooftop and Indoor Make-Up Air Units, and a full line of Industrial Products enhance Sterling's complete line of HVAC equipment.
TAMCO is an innovative manufacturer of high-end, quality dampers and air control products, serving commercial, industrial and institutional markets. T. A. Morrison & Co., Inc. entered the ventilation industry in 1955. In 1980, TAMCO began to produce its own line of aluminum dampers. Great attention has been devoted to design, in order to develop products which are durable, maintenance-free and unparalleled in performance. Advancements in digital control systems have been instrumental in spurring the development of TAMCO air control products. TAMCO is successfully leading the charge to bring creative solutions to the air control market.
Utilize the best components available. Given the fact that a Tek-Air design minimizes the quantity of control devices, it becomes economically feasible to apply the best quality devices to the application; industrial strength Tek-Air products. The elements of "simple design" and "the best components available" are a powerful combination. Every building operator knows that fewer components require service less frequently. These two factors work together to slash long term maintenance requirements and costs. Again, this fact will be appreciated years after your project is completed and out of warranty.
Thermal Corporation
Thermal Corporation, a division of Nailor International, Inc., has manufactured quality air handling equipment since 1945. Thermal's success and longevity are due to our dedication and willingness to serve our customers' needs. Thermal offers a complete line of air conditioning equipment, and will meet the special requirements of engineers and contractors; ready to design or customize products for special applications.
TOXALERT is an industry-leading manufacturer of gas detection systems. Our sensors and controllers are designed to monitor the levels of toxic, combustible, oxygen depleting, refrigerant and other types of gases. They are used in many types of applications including refrigerant mechanical rooms, indoor air quality, enclosed parking garages, warehouses, mining, refineries, pharmaceuticals, and many other types of facilities where hazardous gases are present (see Product Listing section for a further list of sensors and applications). TOXALERT systems range in size from a single point installation to multi-point installations consisting of hundreds of sensors communicating with a centralized controller for alarming, trend logging, controlling ventilation equipment, printing, etc. Systems can be stand-alone, networked, and/or BACnet compatible. We are also geared to custom design and manufacture systems per your individual specifications.
Triatek's latest line of controllers, monitors and control panels are clearly some of the most revolutionary in the industry. From the sturdily built struts in our Venturi Valves to the full color touchscreen found in our latest controllers and monitors, even at a glance, the choice is clear. All Triatek products are engineered to seamlessly integrate with most building automation systems including BACnet, LON, Metasys N2 and others. In addition to the interoperability between Triatek products and most all building automation systems, Triatek products are engineered for ease of use with minimal installation hassles which has resulted in more and more companies choosing the Triatek difference.
Twin City Fan
Twin City Fan Companies, Ltd. is comprised of a diverse group of fan companies that manufacture a full spectrum of air moving equipment. The list of applications that utilize our products is practically endless and ranges from heavy duty custom fans for industrial applications to custom OEM fans to a wide variety of HVAC supply and exhaust fans for the commercial plan and spec market.

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